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Customer Intimacy – A Good Sales Strategy

Customer Intimacy

What would you look out for in a business apart from getting the desired goods and services? What would retain your patronage to a particular service provider? This is where the significance of Customer intimacy lies.

Many businesses can claim they offer excellent customer service, but how many of them go the extra mile to develop customer intimacy?

In this article, we’ll reveal what Customer Intimacy entails and how organizations can build and maintain intimacy with their customers.

What is customer intimacy?

Customer intimacy is a business strategy based on high attention to customers’ needs. It entails understanding and satisfying the needs and values of your customers.

Knowing your customers is a great business strategy. It can help you tailor-make a product/service that perfectly meets their demands.

One of the main objectives for building customer intimacy is to achieve customer loyalty.

Customer Intimacy + Customer Satisfaction = Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.

Chip Bell

A very important strategy in building customer loyalty is to build intimacy.

Important Steps In Building Intimacy

  1. Listen to your Customers: You need to know your customers first before you can build a relationship with them. Because it’s the best way to develop a knowledge of them. You should establish measures to help you understand what influences customers’ buying decisions. No matter the kind of business you operate, listening to your customers is very essential. Listen, analyze, and act on customers’ concerns, more importantly, implement them if necessary.
  2. Use Data Effectively: Get close to your customer as much as possible, so as to learn about them. Talk to them, pay them visits, or chat with them, then analyze their response to your services. After you get all the information you require, you thus need to re-evaluate yourself and fix the loopholes. 
  3. Narrow your Customer Focus: It might seem harsh to say, but not all customers are equal. You need to be pragmatic and focus on those customers who you believe will provide returns on an intimate relationship. As in any relationship, intimacy requires knowledge and understanding, and an investment of time and effort. This investment is costly, so you need to identify these customers or market segments rather than giving everyone the same broad overview.
  4. Let your customers feel valued: Be very receptive and hospitable when receiving your customers. You must always reflect attentiveness. Make their visit worthwhile. These are the little thing that makes up the customers’ experience. The customer experience influences the perception of the value you place on them.
  5. Reward Your Customers From Time to Time: Reward your loyal customers with bonuses from time to time. It will keep them excited, thus creating some level of loyalty. That can go as far as convincing them to market your business voluntarily by referring friends and family.


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