Logos/Business cards

Case study


3Kmarket is a business that imports and sells affordable items like household, clothes, etc in Port Harcourt city.

Their business was completely offline, but they wanted to take it online to exploit the large online market.
We decided to start with branding the business;

Firstly, our design team engaged in creating a brand identity, which involved designing a simple and unique logo for their business.



The branding also included a brand copy.

Next, our web development team built a robust e-commerce website with responsive layouts. This included integrating a payment gateway that enables their clients to check out using debit cards, bank transfers, payment-on-delivery, and even USSD codes.


Soon after the website was completed, our digital marketing team engaged in optimizing the website for search engines - SEO. This also included indexing the website on Google search console.

Everything was looking nice and it was time for marketing campaigns.

We did a bit of SEM, but engaged mostly in Facebook ads and email marketing, setting up retargeting, google analytics and more.

The result was overwhelming. Website visits and engagements were huge at minimal cost (that's how to do it right).

In a space of about 1 month, 3Kmarket recorded over a 300% increase in revenue. See the data below, numbers don't lie.


If you observe the performance of the statistics shown above, you'll notice that theĀ total amount spent on ads is $102 and the revenue acquired is about $900.

This result was a total game-changer for 3Kmarket.

Please note: The conversion results achieved by the digital marketing team were as a result of all efforts put together, from the web development to branding/design.

Below are some of the ad banners we used for the campaign on Facebook and Instagram.


Be aware that this is a summarized case study. Some of the work done or steps may have been skipped.