Digital Marketing


The Challenge(s)

3Kmarket contacted us because they wanted to take their retail business online. They are quite aware that there are a lot of online retail stores out there, and so they might as well get lost in the crowd if not professionally done.

Our Solution(s)

After conducting our research, our approach was branding, E-commerce website development, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing for the business. Within 45days after taking the business online, we were able to help them grow their sales revenue by over 300%.

Branding | Website development | Digital marketing

3Kmarket is a business that imports and sells affordable items like household items, clothes, kitchen wares, etc.

The goal was to expand the target audience and increase their sales revenue.

We created a brand for the business which included, logo design and a brand style guide. 

Website Development
Next, our web development team developed a robust e-commerce website with responsive layouts. This included integrating a payment gateway that enables their clients to check out using debit cards, bank transfers, payment-on-delivery, and even USSD codes.

Digital Marketing
We did a bit of SEM but engaged mostly in Facebook ads and email marketing. We also used Facebook tracking pixel to measure and optimize the effectiveness of the Facebook ads.

See the performance report in the screenshots below.

You’d notice that the performance on the report shown above incurred an advertising cost of $102 only, and the revenue reached about $900. That was the result gotten from the first month of the campaign. The result was a total game-changer for 3Kmarket.

Below are some of the ad banners we used for the campaign.